Twisted Oak Farm Boudoir Photography Event

When Niki Bradley of Juicee Designs and Photography approached me regarding hosting a Boudoir Photography Event on my farm, I couldn't have been more excited.  There is something magical about having a group of professional photographers, models, vendors and stylists all come together in the spirit of collaboration.

The date was set for Tuesday, July 28th, and the planning and organizing began. To keep the cost down for participating photographers, our goal was to have everything donated by vendors. Niki spoke with several vendors. In the end, Jake Duke Studio, Hair & Makeup by Mariah and Sweet Stems Florist all donated their goods and services to our event. Jake Duke Studios donated two lovely antique couches along with an antique high back chair.  They even went the extra mile and actually drove them directly to the farm from an hour away, unloaded them into the pastures, waited on the farm while the boudoir photography event took place, loaded them back into their truck and drove them back to Corona an hour away.  We could not have asked for more. Hair & Makeup by Mariah, styled the boudoir models' hair and also did their makeup. And Sweet Stems florist made and donated a gorgeous floral crown for our bridal boudoir model to wear. We are truly thankful to these three vendors whose kind donations let us hold this event free of charge to the photographers participating .

All together there were 9 Temecula Valley Photographers and 3 lovely boudoir models who participated. We set up a rotation schedule so that each group of 3 photographers got to spend time with each of the three models.

My group got 30 minutes with Faby to start the evening.

After that, my group spent an hour with our bridal boudoir model, Kari.

The last half hour was spent with Amber.

All in all, it was a fantastic event. We were pleased with the outcome, and we look forward to the next one. We are already in the early stages of planning another stylized photography event on the farm sometime this fall. Be on the lookout!