The Tillman Family

When I posted some used baby items on the local sales exchanges, I would never have imagined I'd be booking a family session because of it. When Christy Tillman arrived to buy an old plush rocking horse that our sons had outgrown, she mentioned that she had noticed on my Facebook page that I am a photographer and she asked me for a business card. We chatted for awhile, and she let me know that she would be in touch because her family would be needing family photos soon.

Not long after that, we met on my farm in the foothills of the Temecula Valley in Southern California where I was able to photograph her lovely family.

TillmannFamily (29).jpg

As a photographer, there is nothing more special than being able to freeze time and encapsulate it in a lasting image for a family. There was no exception for the Tillman Family. To date, they are perhaps my favorite clients.  Clients who are authentic, engaging and sweet but who also appreciate your work are the best kind.

TillmannFamily (35).jpg

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